Supervision of the tasks of the accounting department, in order to guarantee that the best and most up-to-date accounting policies are in place, namely in relation to the SNC and IAS/IFRS.

Preparation, adaptation and maintenance of the accounting code in line with the specific needs of the organisations.


With expertise, know-how and professionalism, we offer customized services, adjusted to the needs of our clients. It is our priority to maximize the results of our clients.

We hold different lines of services in the financial and strategy areas all of which are customizable according to our clients needs.


Calculation and payment of taxes and fees related to the payroll. Guarantee of compliance with mandatory legal declarations.

Maintenance of the staff information file. Processing and payment of the monthly payroll.


In compliance with the organisation’s management policy, a set of administrative and financial targets are set aimed at defining the document circuits.

This tasks are to be carried out and the charts to be issued.

Prestar serviços personalizados, assentes numa política de proximidade e qualidade,
centrada no cliente, que reflictam uma relação custo - benefício eficaz.

Planeamento não diz respeito a decisões futuras, mas às implicações futuras das
decisões presentes."
Peter Drucker

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